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Helping Employees Be More Effective and Happy

Through Mindful Lessons, Meditation and Motion.

Click Within uses the Innergizing Method

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The Click Within Program is designed to innergize and energize:

  • Improve employee well-being, and ability to manage stress in the workplace.
  • Enhance creativity, decision making and problem solving.
  • Develop compassion and connection and expanding empathy towards others, with better communication and social skills.
  • Create healthy habits that accelerate well-being reducing absenteeism.

At Innergizing we are able to Customize Programs for YOU to Suit Your Needs

Here are Three Separate Options With Pricing

Click Within


Click Within Workshops and Classes

Mindfulness and Meditation


Mindfulness and Meditation Classes

Dance and Relaxation


Click Within Workshops and Classes


We are happy to offer a FREEno obligation first session to see if Click Within is a good match for your company.

  • 45 Minutes in Duration
  • An Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Short Meditation with an explanation of it's benefits
  • 5 Effective ways to Deal With Daily Stress
  • Introduction to the "Click Within" Program and what we can offer
  • The Innergizing Method which always includes some fun yet simple dance moves...latin style !

Depression, Anxiety, and Stress are a Huge Problem in today's society especially in the workplace.

70 percent of work-related physical and mental complaints to stress.

In the high-tech world, innovators are increasingly turning towards meditation and mindfulness to cope with the ever-changing and stressful environment.

Employees at firms such as Facebook and Google congregate at conferences like Wisdom 2.0 to learn about the latest mindfulness techniques. However, the wisdom from meditation and mindfulness techniques does not only appeal to the innovators of our time. Increasingly, measurable benefits from these techniques are being heard from other companies as well.

You should sit quietly for 20 minutes a day unless your too busy, then you should sit for an hour!


Click Within incorporates 3 integral techniques 


Understand what mindfulness is, how to practice it, and why it's relevant. How applying mindfulness in the work environment can help employees remain healthy and thrive.


Introducing meditation and simple breathing  exercises into a busy lifestyle is key to help reduce stress, improve concentration and focus, as well the ability to work under stress.


The most significant difference that sets our Click Within and the Innergizing method apart is the inclusion of simple  dance and movements designed to be fun and inspiring. 

Samantha Moonsamy

"It's been truly transformational..."

Francesca is a world-class mindfulness coach. Her unique approach helps people become more mindful, accountable for the actions and helps shift people to living a more purpose driven life. I have experienced both her group coaching and private coaching and it's been truly transformational. Thank you  Francesca!

- Samantha Moonsammy  (Industry Canada)

Francesca Davila from energizing.com

Meet your Trainer 

Francesca Davila

Creator and practitioner of life transforming techniques which combine her expertise in mindfulness, mindset, nutrition, dance, and meditation practices.

Energized and innergized, Francesca will be bringing her unique combination of Latin charm and charisma with her innergiZing method, and her inspiring story of vitality and resilience.

Francesca’s dedication and passion for helping people to achieve or maintain a healthy state of mind, was recognized by the Ottawa Health and Wellness Expo 2016, with The Leadership Award in the “THINK WELL” category.

Slowing Down to speed up:

Workers in the fast paced high tech industry​ are learning the value of slowing down.

Intel Free Press

Google completely embraces the practice.

"I really think the course Search Inside Yourself changed my life."      (A Google employee)

Each year thousands of Google employees take their mindfulness course "Search Inside Yourself" which has been a huge success. The waiting time for their course is around 6 months.

Today Google is considered one of the highest rated employers in the world. 

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Intel is among among a growing list of companies introducing a mindfulness program. 

"We have very consistent results even across different groups." ( Qua Veda)

A software engineer at Intel completed their Mindfulness course "Awake@Intel", and found that meditation alleviated headaches and increased energy.

Time magazine - The Mindfulness Revolution

"We're in the midst of a popular obsession with mindfulness as the secret to health and happiness-and a growing body of evidence suggests it has clear benifits." (Kate Pickert, Time)

One of the reasons mindfulness has become so popular is the growing research around its benefits and how science is learning about our brains' ability to rewire itself.

Forbes logo

Forbes magazine writes the Five Reasons Corporate Wellness is More Important Than Ever... 

"Preventable wellness is a complete lifestyle and behavior change and change takes time and commitment"

1. A higher level of awareness is essential to success... read more

Would You Like A Complimentary Session?

What You’ll Get...

This is a great way to see if Innergizing is a good fit for your workplace culture. 

An introduction to Mindfulness

Short Meditation with an explanation of it's Benefits

5 Effective Ways to deal with Daily Stress

Introduction to the "Click Within" Program and what we offer

The Innergizing Method which always includes some fun yet simple dance moves...latin style !

Get Instant Access to Our PDF of the Program!

This PDF is an in-depth look into what is offered in the Click Within Program.

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"Francesca is like a  breath of fresh air..."

"Francesca is like a breath of fresh air! Her talk will surely energize her audience and leave them with practical steps to live a more purposeful and amazing life!"
- Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp , B.Sc., D.C. Chiropractor, Co-author, Founder of the annual Ottawa Wellness Expo, Founder W3 Ottawa.

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't absolutely love the results our Click Within program provides your employees then just let us know within 30 days and we'll send you a prompt refund.

"Our ultimate goal is to help people live healthier and happier lives with a new found inner peace and calm in these stressful times."

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