Corporate Health and Wellness Coaching

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Vibrant Health in your Company = Empowered Individuals with Higher Productivity

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Your Health is your BEST Asset !

Francesca has a great understanding of the Corporate World as a result of her professional experience as a business administrator.

Her strong business instincts, coupled with a life-long study and experience with Fitness and Mindfulness Meditation, makes her uniquely suited to guide her clients toward lives that are healthier, positive and more productive.

Benefits of Health and Wellness Coaching for your Employees.

Health and wellness coaching can help individuals decrease major health risks in their lives by changing high risk behaviors.

Some of the many reasons why employees work with wellness coaches are to get in shape, lose weight, reduce stress, quit smoking, and create balance in their lives.

Health and wellness coaches assist individuals with current health problems as well as preventing future health issues.

Francesca offers a range of options to suit your needs.

1 Hour Presentation

1/2 Day Seminar

Full Day Seminar

Full Week Wellness Clinic

Monthly Check Up

Add the ZING to Your Company!

Francesca’s customized innergiZing program will be designed for you based on:
  • ​Work / Life Balance
  • Mindfulness and Meditation for Everyone
  • Effective Ways to Deal with Stress and Anxiety
  • The Busy Person’s Way to Eat Well
  • Getting a Good Night Sleep
  • Develop Good Mental Habits
  • Simple Office Exercises and Stretches
  • Holistic nutrition and lifestyle counselling
  • Eating plan for vitality, longevity and disease-prevention
  • Super foods for a Super Life

Benefits of Health and Wellness Coaching for a Company.

We ensure that your wellness program is strategically aligned with your business objectives. Our approach starts with building awareness and educating, creating a business program for wellness then moving on to the design, development and delivery.

We have a solution to educate, inspire and support your employees to maximize their health, energy and performance, regardless of where your employees work.

The overall benefits of health and wellness innergiZing coaching for a company are remarkable.

Health and wellness coaching guides, supports, hold clients accountable, and ensures that they receive continued motivation to help them achieve their wellness goals and eliminate unhealthy behaviours in their lives.

By implementing innergiZing wellness programs, employers reduce the risk of preventable illnesses in their organizations.

This improves the overall health of employees, reduces healthcare and insurance costs, decreases absenteeism, and ultimately enhances performance and productivity.

When employees experience the benefits of higher levels of health and wellness in their lives, it causes an improvement in job attitude, energy, and morale.

Companies that utilize health and wellness coaching for their employees also experience the benefits of higher productivity.

Francesca is a dynamic award winning speaker who can serve as a keynote or value-added presenter for your next conference, trade show or corporate lunch and learn seminar.

Now is the time to make the commitment to add the ZING to your Company!