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Francesca Davila and Innergizing in the Media
Francesca has been Innergizing the Ottawa area on various TV and Radio programs.
Francesca Davila As Seen On TV and Radio

Book Francesca today for your show and be prepared to be Innergized!

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"Francesca is a world-class mindfulness coach. Her unique approach helps people become more mindful, accountable for the actions and helps shift people to living a more purpose driven life. I have experienced both her group coaching and private coaching and it's been truly transformational. Thank you Francesca!"

Samantha Moonsammy - Industry Canada

"Francesca is like a breath of fresh air! Her talk will sure energize her audience and leave them with practical steps to take to live a more purposeful and amazing life!"

Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp -Chiropractor, Wellness Entrepreneur, Founder of

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