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Innergize Your Audience!

Francesca's Unique Approach Will Both Inspire and Energize 

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Inspired Teaching!

Francesca Davila public speaker and wellness coach

Francesca is an entertaining, dynamic and knowledgable award winning speaker that always brings her latin charm to ignite her audience. As an accomplished wellness coach, meditation expert, entrepreneur, gifted communicator, and a recognized leader in the women’s business community, Francesca brings her expertise, insights, passion and energy to all her presentations.

She will always include her unique dance and relaxation techniques that gets the crowd in a peak learning state so they will go home ready to take action filled with her clear “how to make lasting change” messages. In her time as a speaker she has delivered her impactful wisdom to entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, nonprofits and women’s groups.

Her main goal is to create an experience for a specific audience that sparks something within themselves so they will leave the event with a feeling of fulfillment and personal clarity, making the most out of the investment they made in attending.

Topics that Fran Frequently gets Requests for:

  • ​Mindfulness and Meditation 101
  • Step by Step-Changing Your Thoughts for Lasting Results
  • Effective Ways to Deal with Daily Stress and Anxiety!
  • How to REALLY Spark the Love in Your Life!
  • Bring balance in all areas for an AmaZing You
  • Breathing- The Secret to Inner Calm
  • 10 Steps to Letting Go and Moving On
  • Inspired Living and How it Radiates from You

Francesca is happy to design a custom experience if required, including half or full day workshops.

Francesca Also Specializes in Getting Any Crowd Ready for the Day!

Ready to Ignite

Francesca is often called upon to open for other speakers and events. She guarantees your audience will be sizzling with her combination of latin moves and relaxation grooves.

When requested she will also take a few moments to bring some inspiration to the moment with her words of wisdom. After her performance your audience will be filled with big smiles and happy hearts!

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"Francesca is a world-class mindfulness coach. Her unique approach helps people become more mindful, accountable for the actions and helps shift people to living a more purpose driven life. I have experienced both her group coaching and private coaching and it's been truly transformational. Thank you Francesca!"

Samantha Moonsammy - Industry Canada

"Francesca is like a breath of fresh air! Her talk will sure energize her audience and leave them with practical steps to take to live a more purposeful and amazing life!"

Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp -Chiropractor, Wellness Entrepreneur, Founder of W3Ottawa.com

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