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Click Within is our "Mindfulness in Motion" program designed to be enlightening, fun, and definitely put a smile on the faces of your employees!

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Mindfulness, Meditation, and Movement                 -the innergiZing Method-

5 Effective Ways to Deal with Daily Stress and Anxiety !

Creating Mental Habits for a happier YOU!

Work/Life Balance... Is it Even Possible?

Mindfulness in Motion with Francesca Davila and Innergizing

Workshop Structure:

We have several options to suit your specific needs:
Number 1
Mindfulness  Mornings

Duration: 45 min sessions

This is an interactive, fun morning session to introduce mindfulness and meditation to your group using the innergizing method (Mindfulness in Motion) . Participants will learn techniques to deal with daily stress and work / life balance.

Number 1
Mindfulness  101

Duration: 45 min , 3 sessions / day,

This is the complete Click Within program delivered over an 8 week period. By the end of the program participants will be utilizing their new mindfulness techniques to be more productive at work and in general a happier person.

Number 3
The Mindful Leader

Duration: 45min, 2 sessions/week

Participant will learn to lead from the inside-out! They will cultivate self-awareness and compassion and lead with authenticity in a way that inspires others. This is a very interactive day filled with mindful teaching, meditation, breathing exercises, and dance.

Number 4
Mindfulness in Motion Retreat

Duration: 2 day retreat

This is an interactive, 2 day event designed to fully immerse participants so they have an experience that may be life transforming. This will be held at a location where interruptions and distractions will not be a problem. Life won't be the same after this!

Francesca Davila from

Francesca Davila

Creator and practitioner of life transforming techniques which combine her expertise in mindfulness, mindset, nutrition, dance, and meditation practices.

Energized and innergized, Francesca will be bringing her unique combination of Latin charm and charisma with her innergiZing method, and her inspiring story of vitality and resilience.

Francesca’s dedication and passion for helping people to achieve or maintain a healthy state of mind, was recognized by the Ottawa Health and Wellness Expo 2016, with The Leadership Award in the “THINK WELL” category.

You should sit quietly for 20 minutes a day unless your too busy, then you should sit for an hour!


Each Session will help improve performance, reduce anxiety, and promote healthy minds.

 The "innergizing method" is a  3 step process:

1. Participants will become centred and in the present moment through mindful movements such as breathing techniques, fun yet simple dance moves, and grounding techniques.

This will create a positive state for easy learning while keeping it FUN!

2. Through coaching tips and guidance with simple reminders of the importance of mindset, well being and positive habits, employees will be empowered and encouraged to live enriched lives even during the busiest and stressful of times.

3. Through mindful breathing exercises and stretching, plus a guided meditation and relaxation session, participants will be brought to a state of calmness that will clear the mind of stress and anxiety. In this state of calmness participants will be better able to deal with daily stress to be more productive and perform at a higher level.

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"Francesca is a world-class mindfulness coach. Her unique approach helps people become more mindful, accountable for the actions and helps shift people to living a more purpose driven life. I have experienced both her group coaching and private coaching and it's been truly transformational. Thank you Francesca!"

Samantha Moonsammy - Industry Canada

"Francesca is like a breath of fresh air! Her talk will surely energize her audience and leave them with practical steps to live a more purposeful and amazing life!"

Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp, B.Sc., D.C. Chiropractor, Co-author, Founder of the annual Ottawa Wellness Expo, Founder W3 Ottawa.

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